Case Studies

Case Study #1 – I was hired by this company in March of 2011.  They are a hard money lender who does short term financing to real estate investors for fix and flip projects. The company was losing approximately $20,000/month when I started. From 3/2011 to 8/2012, here’s what I did: Developed a clear, … Read moreCase Studies

Explainer Videos To get a custom quote for your explainer video, it’s really simple. Just fill out the form below or call 520-505-6556 today! Explainer videos are 30 – 90 second animated spots that clearly and concisely explain your core product and have a call to action. There’s several reasons that these work so well. The … Read moreExplainer Videos

JHA Advantage We’re the only digital advertising agency I’m aware of that guarantees you’ll at least double your revenue without increasing your advertising budget using our strategies in the next 12 months or we’ll work for free. The reason I can make a bold promise like that is my company is different from the others… What … Read moreJHA Advantage