Oh, The Garbage Man Can!

One of my favorite shows is The Simpsons.

The Garbage Man is a song that appeared in “Trash of the Titans”. It’s sung by Homer, U2, some garbagemen and various residents of Springfield.

The song showcases all of the “crazy promises” that Homer made when he ran to be garbage commissioner. I’ve heard from people that I make crazy promises…

Like “I guarantee I’ll double your sales in 12 months!”

Which I can.

For the right clients 🙂

Anyway, it made me think of this Simpsons episode.

Here’s my rendition of the song – “The Marketing Man”

NOTE: I’ve substituted my family in place of the Simpson clan and left the other characters in place to preserve context.

Haley: Wow, Dad, you’re really working hard.

Jason: Yes, I gotta work hard, honey. I made a lot of crazy promises.

Heather: I’m really proud of you, Jase. But can the marketing man really do all the things you said?

Jason: Oh, the marketing man can, Heather. The marketing man can.

Who can create your strategy? Execute on it for you? Write all your copy And drive your traffic, too? The marketing man.

Employees: Oh, the marketing man can.

Jason & Marketing men: The marketing man can And he does it with a smile And never judges you.

Business owner: Who can get me leads?

Marketing man: I don’t mind at all.

Chief Wiggum: Who can clean me up Before the big Policeman’s ball? The marketing maaaaaaaaaaan.

Marketing men: Yes the Marketing Man can

U2: The advertising folks Are jolly friendly blokes, Courteous and easy going. They’ll keep your business growing.

Bono: And tell you when your arse is showing.

Apu: Who can?

Sideshow Mel: Who can?

Flanders: Who can?

Oscar the Grouch: Who can?

Everyone: The Marketing Man can

Maiah and Sasha: ‘Cause he’s L & H, man!

Everyone: He gets leads & sales…for…YOU!

Everyone: YAYYYY!

Now what kind of marketing man would I be if I didn’t give you a chance to do business with me?

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To the victor belong the spoils,