What All Advertisers Ought To Know About Scaling Ads Profitably Today

From the Desk of Jason Hornung 

Dear Friend,

If your ads make money when you spend up to $1,000/day…

But they lose money faster than Charles Barkley in Vegas when you SCALE the budgets higher…


If you’ve tried all sorts of stuff to UNsuccessfully fix this:

  • Constantly changing out ads
  • Setting up crazy chat bots
  • Running multiple accounts
  • Duplicating audiences
  • Changing campaign objectives
  • And many more...

Then this letter is for you!

Because you’re going to finally get the solution you need to scale your campaigns to over $100,000 in profitable spend per month…

See that number:

$468,753 On An Average Month

Since June 20th, 2013, I’ve profitably spent $468,753 for my clients on an average month.

Here's some screen grabs I took from my business manager that shows you some proof of that spend:

After selling over $100 million of my client’s products and services from the ads I’ve created…

Working with 158+ big name brands and entrepreneurs…

I’ve seen everything when it comes to scaling profitably!

Here’s What That Has To Do With YOU

As you know, if you’re spending that kind of money and you aren’t turning a profit, clients will drop you like a hot potato…

I know because most of my clients come to me after losing tens of thousands of dollars from fundamental mistakes made by "agencies" they've worked with for just a few months...

After all, "everyone’s" an expert these days!

However, my clients keep me around for years because I make them profitable month in and month out...

How am I able to do this?

Because of the unique strategies I develop, prove out and scale profitably for them every month :)

Why YOUR Ads Won’t Scale Profitably

When your CPC skyrockets…

When your sales crash harder than Lindsey Lohan…

When your ad that WAS working stops dead in its tracks...

You frantically ask:


Why do you ONLY have these problems when you scale your campaigns?

Remarkably, I’ve found that the answer to this question can be quite simple.

Usually just a tiny switch needs to be flipped to take campaigns into the “profit promised land”...

...where your bank account gets stuffed with more dollar bills than your accountant can hide!

I’ll show you a way to find that switch today, if you hang in here with me…

Here’s a hint:

It’s NOT in a course!

Before I get into that, you need to understand why you’re not sure what switch to flip…

It all has to do with:

The Paradox Of Choice: It Can’t Be Solved Through A Course


How many times have you logged onto Netflix…

...only to mindlessly scroll around - unable to make a choice?

Happens to me ALL THE TIME.

The reason is simple:

An overwhelming amount of choices kicks in what Psychologist Barry Schwartz calls:

“The Paradox Of Choice”

According to Schwartz’s consistent findings:

“While increased choice allows us to achieve objectively better results, it also leads to greater anxiety, indecision, paralysis and dissatisfaction

You may have heard the phrase:

Paralysis by analysis.

This is the single biggest problem I see plaguing advertisers RIGHT NOW.

You see:

You don’t need another course showing you how to set up an ad…

Or how to set up a funnel...

That’s yesterday’s news.

You already got that and are making money in your business!

What you need is help making decisions...

You need to know:

What do I do, NOW???

How can I make my campaigns MORE PROFITABLE TODAY?


How can I scale my advertising spend, while maintaining profit margins NOW?

There’s a HUGE amount of choices that need to be made across your ads, your funnels and your offers that play a role in answering these questions correctly.

Which is why:

I REFUSE To Sell You Another Course!

Now the amount of choices available to you with ads is like a double edged sword.

On the one side, it’s super cool because the vast array of choice WILL allow you to achieve the results you desire with your advertising…


On the other - I see the overwhelming amount of decisions simply slash away profits for the majority of people who try to run ads and make money.


Well, it’s NOT because the course information you got was bad (although that’s typically blamed)...

It’s because you can’t make the proper choices needed to make a campaign profitable at vast scale.

Truthfully, that’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

Here’s Why:

A course simply can’t teach this aspect of advertising. The answer to “what do I do now?” is completely circumstantial.

You don’t have the experience scaling campaigns needed to be able to answer “what do I do now?” (neither do the majority of course creators).

That’s why you get paralyzed and stuck.

It’s SUPER FRUSTRATING because you’re right on the cusp of massive success…

You know that if you can just scale this thing a little higher than you’ll have that lifestyle you’ve always wanted…

And things can finally ease up a bit!

You start to question why it’s not going your way…

“I don’t know how to write ads”

“I can’t target properly”

“I need someone else to do it for me”

Your mind starts building up all these stories to explain why…

So you start searching for answers:

You buy more courses - nothing improves.

You hire low-level agencies - nothing works.

Good money goes after bad money down a black hole of despair!

Leaving you fed up and jaded, wondering why you even bother.

The thing is:

You’re not a quitter.

You’ve come too far and put too much into this thing NOT to see it through.

So you’re still searching for answers.

Here’s where the buck stops:

How To Finally Fix Your Scaling Issues Now

“It takes a village to raise a child”

That axiom rings so true with parenting AND ad campaigns alike…

You see:

Every profitable campaign I’ve created is sorta like a child.

It starts off small…

And if you nurture it properly, it will grow.

The better you nurture the campaign, the bigger it grows and the more money you make :)

NONE of that gets done by one’s self.

Every profitable campaign I’ve done has NUMEROUS people who are part of it happening…

Yet most advertisers try to go at it alone…

Trying unsuccessfully to make all the decisions necessary to create a profitable campaign by themselves…

It’s a recipe for disaster that I’ve been observing over the years.

And if you find yourself in that situation…

Here’s the good news:

My team and I are here to help you.

After spending $30 million profitably on digital ads, working with over 158 clients in 38 markets globally…

We’ve experienced every possible situation imaginable!

And I can assure you of one thing:

We will find at least ONE SWITCH you can flip NOW to solve your scaling woes!

Using our proprietary auditing system we can IDENTIFY the holes in your ad campaigns, funnels and offers that most “agencies” don’t even know exist.

So we can figure out all the things preventing you from scaling…

And give you a plan of action for at least one (if not many) switches you can flip to scale your campaigns well past $1,000/day in profitable spend.

Is that something you’d find helpful?

If so…

What I'd like to offer you today is a complimentary planning and scaling session.

Yes that’s right, a FREE plan of action!


Two reasons:

  1. I LOVE helping people solve their advertising problems!! It’s been my life’s work :)
  2. I know you’re gonna love the plan we put together so much, that you MIGHT want to become a client to have my team put this plan in place for you.

Whether you become a client or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is on this planning and scaling session, I will help you solve your scaling issues...

Here's How I'll Help You Get Scaled Today:

You will get on the phone with me or a member of my team, to talk about your current situation.

You will discuss your goals, the marketing & sales assets you have in place and the results of any campaigns you've already run.

We will dive into how your business is structured too.

From this info, we'll develop a customized plan of action to overcome your specific business obstacles so you can achieve your desired scale...

You'll have the direction you're seeking. A "true north star" so you can set your course.

We will answer the question of what to do right now so you can quickly enjoy the profits from our solution.

And we'll give it to you - FREE.

All You Have To Do Is Book Your Free Planning & Scaling Session Below...

Just click the blue button.

Enter your valid info and answer the questions truthfully.

Once you’re done (takes 1-2 minutes), you’ll be sent to an online calendar to book your planning and scaling session.

Then make sure you block off the time and actually show up on the call.

It will be the best decision you’ve made for your business this year!

Here's What Our Customers Say

"If you’re thinking about working with Jason Hornung and his agency I’ve been a client now for about 3-4 months and it has been an absolutely awesome experience. In fact, the best I’ve ever had working with a Facebook agency. Over the last 90 days, Jason’s team took one of my products – they did the all of the audience research for me, they made all the ads, put up a campaign and took it live. We’re averaging a $100,000 a month on revenue with less than $30,000 a month on ad spend, so we’re making almost 3 times back our money."

Mike Dillard

"Jason’s work consistently brings me back anywhere between $1.99 all the way up to $3 for every dollar I’ve spent with him. He is my friend, my former client, and now my traffic guy."

Frank Kern

"I attended Jason's workshop & learned first-hand from him on managing Facebook Ads. After that meeting, I went from a novice to a weapon in Facebook. From dabbles of ad spend here & there, we managed to scale our campaigns to the point of spending $30,000/day & more profitably."

Sam Ovens

CEO & Founder, Consulting.com

"Jason's course gives you everything you need to manage Facebook Ads. In 24 hours of completing the course & setting up a profile at an online job portal, I had my first client."

Matt Pshock

"Everything changed and it really took our business to another level."
"What Jason shows you is the long term approach a long term strategy that you need to have for your business."

Joel Erway

Webinar Agency

"We launched this new experience-based company and when we applied what we learned from Jason, it led to some profound results to say the least. We ended up selling 7 packages within the first 4-5 days (These packages are in the $5,000 to $7,000 price range),from around $750 to $850 ad spend."

Jameson Brandon

Founder, Peak Experiences

"I know a ton of people who have worked with Jason over the past few years and seen incredible results. Before, we were experiencing a pretty severe problem with our paid advertising on Facebook: our ads stopped working. So we jumped on the opportunity to come to Jason’s workshop. I can say that within two days [in the workshop] we had our ads back up and live and working. So that's really exciting for us. I think it's it's pretty amazing how Jason takes and breaks down advertising from Facebook because he makes it so simple."

Paul Xavier

Paid Advertising Consultant, Market Slide

When we showed up here we didn't have anything going on with Facebook. And now before even leaving the seminar we have some active campaigns running and we're already seeing some pretty good results. ” “Jason gets how you’d use Facebook in the context of business whereas the other gurus want to give you 25 ninja tactics that can just eat up a 12 hour workday without actually accomplishing anything. Jason understands that you have to focus on the bottom line.

Matt Marshall

Director of Marketing

"There's a lot to learn. Jason has a lot of knowledge."

"Big takeaway for me was how to target your ideal clients and how to create different audiences within Facebook that help you reach your ideal customer client (rather than spending a lot of money on different programs or ads without really knowing how they're converting)."

Brooke Keeling

Real Estate Agent

I would highly recommend [working with Jason] even if you're just getting started with Facebook. He'll walk you through all of it until you really get how you should run ads. None of the weird sketchy stuff that other people do. Even if you think you know Facebook I highly recommend you still come here.

Pavel Vasilik

San Francisco

"He's got lots of examples of what's actually working right now. If you're wondering what's actually working right now. You know Jason's got those answers right"

"With in those areas and there he's actively running those campaigns he has a depth of knowledge that most people don't."

Mark Ford

Marketing Consultant and Coach

"I've got such a great level of understanding now from actually looking behind the scenes of 7 figure campaigns that I know exactly what I need to do how I need to structure and what I need to do to obviously take my campaigns to the next level. I can see there's a lot of inefficiencies in the way I've been doing things that I can improve on. I'm sure I'm going to get stellar results from this for all the Facebook that I run from now on."

Humayun Miah

"My Name is Arleigh Cortez and I'm a real estate agent. As a Realtor, I'd got to be a Marketer. One of the biggest things I've got in this 2 days Workshop with Jason is, a lot of people think that Facebook Ads are all about the size of the audience or what interest to target, but if you really want to make it easier for yourself, the best thing to do is to actually understand that it's your Ad copy that's going to attract people"

"If you're looking for results and want to know more deeper stuff about facebook and cool strategies, Jason Hornung is your man and I highly recommend him."

Arleigh Cortez

"My name is Carlos Aviles and I help coaches, consultants and service providers. Being a part of Jason’s workshop for last 2 days has been amazing and now I've got new strategies which will really help me out in scaling my client’s businesses."

"As you know the facebook algorithm keeps changing nowadays, It's always nice to have someone like Jason who's into the algorithm, running huge budgets and knows what's the right trend for the present."

Carlos Aviles

"My name is Matt Milne and I generate leads on Facebook for the solar industry right now."

"I've been through so many courses, but none of them covers scaling as well as Jason's course. That's why I came to this conference with Jason with a specific goal to get some clarity on how to scale, and after 2 days with Jason, I now have an exact plan I can follow to scale."

Matt Milne

"If you haven't yet attended one of these workshops by Jason, then Do it."

"One of the biggest challenges I faced was not getting a standard response on how to do facebook ads. Everybody has the tactics and strategies, but very few people actually have an entire philosophy that goes from A to Z."

"Most people overcomplicate it rather than simplifying it – which leads to analysis by paralysis. Jason and his workshop gets a full recommendation."

Ryan Fletcher

"My name is BJ Smith and I'm into the e-commerce space. This was a fantastic workshop."

"Within the first hour of this fantastic workshop, I've sent a text to my wife and told her how glad I was that I came. I got some concrete strategies and also answers for certain questions that's been been holding me for years."

"So I highly recommend getting involved with Jason and applying his strategies as they are fantastic."

BJ Smith

"My name is Gregory Wright. I help a lot of small businesses but my real passion is Medical. This workshop with Jason is definitely worth it because it goes through all the ways where you can find the right messaging, the right offers the right campaign structures and how do you get the best scale."

"But, one thing which attracted me the most in this Workshop is, Jason is teaching us 'How to really be Profitable from Day 1'."

"You definitely need to be attending this workshop because this knowledge can really supercharge your business."

Gregory Wright

"Jason helps our business grow much faster than I originally ever anticipated and again he help us build a 7 figure business."

Josh Jordan

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