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Through our proprietary “Profit Maximizer” system, we’ll create high quality advertising that gets the right person in front of your offer at the right time. You’ll get reliable, consistent traffic that turns into predictable and scalable profit for your business.


Good traffic into a bad conversion process is a surefire way to create ill-will in the marketplace quickly! We’ll help you make strategic changes (based on data) to your marketing and sales processes so you’ll convert the highest amount of visitors into customers possible – all while creating goodwill in the market.


The unfortunate reality of successful online advertising is that it is NOT “set it and forget it”. Our expert team is testing, tweaking and refining various elements of your campaigns daily to optimize them for your continued success and getting you the highest ROI possible.

Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels.

David Ogilvy


Jason Hornung

President & Creative Director

About Jason Hornung

People these days believe that I’ve always been some kind of traffic and conversion wunderkind…

And trust me that wasn’t always the case!

I certainly wasn’t always the kind of guy that got to hang out with and run wildly successful campaigns for people like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Kendall SummerHawk, Todd Brown, Vrinda Normand and Jon Tarr…

In fact, when I first started marketing online full time – I almost went bankrupt…

One thing you need to know about me is that I’m a fighter. When I get knocked down, I get right back up again and again and again.

I don’t ever quit. And I believe that’s really the “secret” to success.

Combine that with always learning and always implementing that knowledge in a structured testing environment and you have what makes my company different.

What I do everyday isn’t work to me. It’s a passion. Nothing drives me more than bringing my clients massive results 🙂

Outside of my business, I’m a dedicated family man. My wife Heather and I have three amazingly beautiful daughters – Haley, Maiah and Sasha.

Around time with them, I engage in several other passions of mine – exercise, skateboarding, snowboarding and DJ’ing.

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Heather Hornung

Operations Manager

About Heather Hornung

Heather Hornung is the Operations Manager for JH Media. Her main roles include the coordination of client on-boarding, finances, and events. Heather also moonlights as The Home Editor where she works as a professional organizer and interior designer. In her free time she enjoys yoga, reading, travel, and time with her husband Jason, their 3 daughters, and house full of pets.

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Raul Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer

About Raul Hernandez

Raul Hernandez is our CEO. He has a pulse of the company and makes sure every initiative moves forward with the team and clients.

Raul lives in San Diego, California.

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Hayley Mills

Project Manager

About Hayley Mills

Hayley Mills is a Project Manager. Her excellent communication, organizational, and leadership skills ensure that our client’s projects run efficiently and successfully.

Hayley studied at Camosun College School of Business, and has a previous background in Office Management and Operations Management.

Hayley resides on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia. When not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two daughters going on nature walks, camping trips, and mini getaways.

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Harry Ramsay

Chief Media Architect

About Harry Ramsay

Harry Ramsay is a Digital Marketer with over 13 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry.

From search engine optimization to paid ads to email marketing & affiliate marketing, Harry has seen it all and done it all.

At JH Media LLC, Harry Ramsay with his small team handle most of our technical initiatives & our support systems to ensure that our customers are happy, satisfied and content.

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Tracey O'Donnell-Alcaro

Campaign Manager

About Tracey O’Donnell

Tracey O’Donnell-Alcaro has 4 years of experience as a Campaign Manager, reviewing, testing and tweaking client’s campaigns to scale. Before that she worked with JH Media to deliver competitive research market analysis for clients.

Previous to JH Media, LLC, Tracey launched her own entrepreneurial adventure in Buenos Aires where she lives, cooking and catering lunches and teaching cooking classes.

She made it to Buenos Aires via New York City where she worked seven years on the Pricing Desk at American Home Mortgage before leaving the finance industry to work in Brand Planning for Unilever North America.

She spends her free time studying her newest passion, Interior Design, and enjoying walks in the park with her dogs.

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Danny Velez


About Danny Velez

Danny Velez is a copywriter. Basically, he turns words into money for our clients! 1 part hiker and swimmer. 2 parts cat lover. 3 parts cigar enthusiast. He’s located in the sunny desert canyons of Tucson, Arizona!

Favorite quote: “You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.” Jim Rohn

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Artak Harutyunyan

Motion Graphics Artist

About Artak Harutyunyan

Artak Harutyunyan is a motion graphics artist. He studied film, graduating in 2008 as a film director. Since then he has been engaged in the marketing and video industry, specializing in videos for online advertising campaigns. He has been working with JH media since 2012.

Favorite quote: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Steve Jobs

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Haley Hornung

Customer Service Specialist

About Haley Hornung

She has a BA in Psychology and Communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Apart from her work with JH Media, she also works as a Registered Behavior Technician for an Applied Behavior Analysis company. She currently live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her boyfriend, Juan, and their cat, Tommy.

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How We Generated $2,095,379.81 Of Information Product Sales For Just One Client Using Facebook Ads…


By merging the creative process with scientific data analysis we have brought massive results for our clients through our funnel development, optimization, and Facebook traffic services.


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“If you’re thinking about working with Jason Hornung and his agency I’ve been a client now for about 3-4 months and it has been an absolutely awesome experience. In fact, the best I’ve ever had working with a Facebook agency. Over the last 90 days, Jason’s team took one of my products – they did the all of the audience research for me, they made all the ads, put up a campaign and took it live. We’re averaging a $100,000 a month on revenue with less than $30,000 a month on ad spend, so we’re making almost 3 times back our money.”

Mike Dillard

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“Jason’s work consistently brings me back anywhere between $1.99 all the way up to $3 for every dollar I’ve spent with him. He is my friend, my former client, and now my traffic guy.”

Frank Kern

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“I attended Jason’s workshop & learned first-hand from him on managing Facebook Ads. After that meeting, I went from a novice to a weapon in Facebook. From dabbles of ad spend here & there, we managed to scale our campaigns to the point of spending $30,000/day & more profitably.”

Sam Ovens

CEO & Founder, Consulting.com

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“Jason’s course gives you everything you need to manage Facebook Ads. In 24 hours of completing the course & setting up a profile at an online job portal, I had my first client.”

Matt Pshock

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“Everything changed and it really took our business to another level.”

“What Jason shows you is the long term approach a long term strategy that you need to have for your business.”

Joel Erway

Webinar Agency

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“We launched this new experience-based company and when we applied what we learned from Jason, it led to some profound results to say the least. We ended up selling 7 packages within the first 4-5 days (These packages are in the $5,000 to $7,000 price range),from around $750 to $850 ad spend.”

Jameson Brandon

Founder, Peak Experiences

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“I know a ton of people who have worked with Jason over the past few years and seen incredible results. Before, we were experiencing a pretty severe problem with our paid advertising on Facebook: our ads stopped working. So we jumped on the opportunity to come to Jason’s workshop. I can say that within two days [in the workshop] we had our ads back up and live and working. So that’s really exciting for us. I think it’s it’s pretty amazing how Jason takes and breaks down advertising from Facebook because he makes it so simple.”

Paul Xavier

Paid Advertising Consultant, Market Slide

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When we showed up here we didn’t have anything going on with Facebook. And now before even leaving the seminar we have some active campaigns running and we’re already seeing some pretty good results. ” “Jason gets how you’d use Facebook in the context of business whereas the other gurus want to give you 25 ninja tactics that can just eat up a 12 hour workday without actually accomplishing anything. Jason understands that you have to focus on the bottom line.

Matt Marshall

Director of Marketing

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“There’s a lot to learn. Jason has a lot of knowledge.”

“Big takeaway for me was how to target your ideal clients and how to create different audiences within Facebook that help you reach your ideal customer client (rather than spending a lot of money on different programs or ads without really knowing how they’re converting).”

Brooke Keeling

Real Estate Agent

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I would highly recommend [working with Jason] even if you’re just getting started with Facebook. He’ll walk you through all of it until you really get how you should run ads. None of the weird sketchy stuff that other people do. Even if you think you know Facebook I highly recommend you still come here.

Pavel Vasilik

San Francisco

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“He’s got lots of examples of what’s actually working right now. If you’re wondering what’s actually working right now. You know Jason’s got those answers right”

“With in those areas and there he’s actively running those campaigns he has a depth of knowledge that most people don’t.”

Mark Ford

Marketing Consultant and Coach

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“I’ve got such a great level of understanding now from actually looking behind the scenes of 7 figure campaigns that I know exactly what I need to do how I need to structure and what I need to do to obviously take my campaigns to the next level. I can see there’s a lot of inefficiencies in the way I’ve been doing things that I can improve on. I’m sure I’m going to get stellar results from this for all the Facebook that I run from now on.”

Humayun Miah

Real Estate Agent

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“Jason helps our business grow much faster than I originally ever anticipated and again he help us build a 7 figure business.”

Josh Jordan

Founder of Pre-hired