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  • Testimonial

    Jason Hornung

    President & Creative Director

    About Jason Hornung

    People these days believe that I’ve always been some kind of traffic and conversion wunderkind…

    And trust me that wasn’t always the case!

    I certainly wasn’t always the kind of guy that got to hang out with and run wildly successful campaigns for people like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Kendall SummerHawk, Todd Brown, Vrinda Normand and Jon Tarr…

    In fact, when I first started marketing online full time – I almost went bankrupt…

    One thing you need to know about me is that I’m a fighter.  When I get knocked down, I get right back up again and again and again.

    I don’t ever quit.  And I believe that’s really the “secret” to success.

    Combine that with always learning and always implementing that knowledge in a structured testing environment and you have what makes my company different.

    What I do everyday isn’t work to me.  It’s a passion.  Nothing drives me more than bringing my clients massive results :)

    Outside of my business, I’m a dedicated family man.  My wife Heather and I have three amazingly beautiful daughters – Haley, Maiah and Sasha.

    Around time with them, I engage in several other passions of mine – exercise, skateboarding, snowboarding and DJ’ing.

  • Testimonial

    Heather Hornung

    Vice President & Operations Manager

    About Heather Hornung

    I am the lucky lady who gets to sit across the desk from Jason each day. During school hours, I act as the Operations Manager of the Jason Hornung Agency, Inc. where I capitalize on my strengths of organizing and systematizing.

    By developing systems and procedures within our organization we are able to define each team member’s role and responsibilities to improve efficiency and work flow.

    I also manage the day to day operations of our business to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

    When a new client comes on board, I coordinate with each of them from the initial contract phase through their project set-up.

    I aim to make Jason’s life a little easier so that he can fulfill his obligations to our clients.

  • Testimonial

    Tracey O’Donnell

    Campaign Analyst & Lead Researcher

    About Tracey O’Donnell

    Tracey tracks ad performance day by day, and prior to ad launching does in-depth market research as part of the on-boarding process for our clients.

    By analyzing each client and their respective competitors she is able to spot weaknesses, opportunities and trends, and hones in on what our client uniquely brings to the scene.

    Before coming to the Jason Hornung Agency, Tracey launched her own entrepreneurial adventure in Buenos Aires, cooking and catering lunches and teaching cooking classes.

    She made it to Buenos Aires by way of New York City where she worked seven years on the Pricing Desk at American Home Mortgage before leaving the finance industry to work in Brand Planning for Unilever North America.

  • Testimonial

    Harry Ramsay

    Campaign Manager

    About Harry Ramsay

    Insert Bio Here

  • Testimonial

    Floyd Patulot

    Lead Web Developer

    About Floyd Patulot

    Insert bio here

Traffic 87%
Conversion 60%
Optimization 70%

Repeat Customers
Referral Work

Profit Generating Services

We can get you results through the three major areas of online marketing: traffic, conversion and optimization…


Our area of specialization is Facebook ads and retargeting ads on the Adroll platform. We can get results for all clients that are a good fit on these platforms.

We can also offer scaling options through display networks and private traffic networks for the right kind of client.  These options can bring over 1000 sales per day to certain types of offers.


Our area of specialization is building marketing funnels that sell low ticket information products and generating leads for high ticket phone sales.

We handle all aspects of the funnel build: copywriting, graphic design, web development and advanced technical implementation (crazy campaigns in Infusionsoft).


Our area of specialization is using Visual Website Optimizer to analyze how visitors are interacting with key pages of your website.

Based on the data, we formulate testing ideas and then implement sophisticated A/B tests to incrementally increase sales.

Coaching & Consulting

For those that aren’t a good fit for our done for you services, we offer a variety of coaching and consulting packages to help you or a member of your staff learn our methodologies so you can get results on your own.

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Training Programs

You can get a free video where you’ll discover 17 Advanced Facebook Native Advertising Secrets Insiders Use To Get 248% ROI Right Now. Just click the link below to get instant access…

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  • Testimonial
    Justin Brooke, CEO, IMScalable.com

    Thank you thank you thank you Jason Hornung. Just received a bad ass gift from my fellow Facebook ass kicker for all the referrals I have sent his way. The dude is awesome at designing funnels for cold traffic or converting JV funnels to work with cold paid traffic. He is also great at traffic. He's one of only a few people who I would hire to do my own ads.

  • Testimonial
    Alan McKenna, CEO, Business Acceleration Strategies

    Hey Jason, I want to thank you so much for the Facebook Ad campaign you've built for one of my clients, we are currently seeing a 342% return on investment and there's so much room to scales that the skies the limit. I appreciate the detail and attention you give. It's a real pleasure working with such a professional. Thanks for all you do, Alan

  • Testimonial
    Frank Kern, frankkern.com

    Dude. I just looked at the reports for the past 45 days and every dollar you've spend on my campaigns has returned $2.17 back to me. I've done NOTHING lol. You're basically making me FREE MONEY. Thanks!


Massive Facebook ROI

Discover how we started a brand new campaign and
achieved a 456.12% ROI within 60 days…


Funnel Development

Discover how we put together a funnel that generated $464,266 of sales in the first 60 days…


Landing Page Re-design

Discover how we re-designed a client’s landing page and increased sales 15.49% in 30 days…


Talent, I believe, is most likely to be found among nonconformists, dissenters, and rebels.

Clients we have worked with

By merging the creative process with scientific data analysis we have brought massive results for our clients through our funnel development, optimization, and Facebook traffic services.













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